St. Patrick’s Day Words – A to Z Most Common

Here are common vocabulary words for Saint Patrick’s Day! Click on the first letter at the start of any of the lines to be taken to a post on this site with more St Patricks day words on it.

A: Arch – arc or arch like a rainbow leading to a pot of gold / Apostle of Ireland (Saint Patrick)
B: Bagpipes – often used in St. Patrick’s day parades / Blarney stone
C: Corned beef and cabbage – commonly eaten on St. Patty’s day
D: Danny boy song
E: Emerald, as in emerald green, a color associated with Ireland, the emerald isle
F: Four-leaf clover / Fiddle for Celtic fiddling
G: Green, the color most associated with this day / Gold
H: Harp, more specifically, the clarsach or Celtic harp / Hats, big green hats
I: Ireland, where Saint Patrick was a missionary
J: Jig
K: Kiss
L: Leprechaun elf, and Lucky / luck of the Irish
M: March 17th
N: Northern Ireland
O: Order of St. Patrick
P: Parades, often held on this day / Pinch
Q: Q-Celtic dialect
R: Rainbow
S: Shamrock, may have been used to explain the Catholic Trinity / Shoes, made by leprechauns / Snakes
T: Trifolium clovers
U: Uilleann bagpipes
V: Volunteers of the 1916 Rebellion
W: Wearing of the green, an Irish ballad
X: ?
Y: Yearly, the holiday is celebrated each year
Z: Zozimus, an Irish rhymer

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