Short words that start with L

Short words (5 or fewer letters) that start with L are shown in the list below.

la, lab, label, labia, labor
labra, labs, lac, lace, laced
lacer, laces, lacey, lack, lacks
lacs, lacy, lad, lade, laded
laden, lader, lades, ladle, lads
lady, laevo, lag, lagan, lager
lags, laic, laich, laics, laid
laigh, lain, lair, laird, lairs
laith, laity, lake, laked, laker
lakes, lakh, lakhs, laky, lall
lalls, lam, lama, lamas, lamb
lambs, lame, lamed, lamer, lames
lamia, lamp, lamps, lams, lanai
lance, land, lands, lane, lanes
lang, lank, lanky, lap, lapel
lapin, lapis, laps, lapse, lar
larch, lard, lards, lardy, lares
large, largo, lark, larks, larky
lars, larum, larva, las, lase
lased, laser, lases, lash, lass
lasso, last, lasts, lat, latch
late, lated, laten, later, latex
lath, lathe, laths, lathy, lati
lats, lauan, laud, lauds, laugh
laura, lava, lavas, lave, laved
laver, laves, law, lawed, lawn
lawns, lawny, laws, lax, laxer
laxly, lay, layed, layer, lays
lazar, laze, lazed, lazes, lazy
lazys, lea, leach, lead, leads
leady, leaf, leafs, leafy, leak
leaks, leaky, leal, lean, leans
leant, leap, leaps, leapt, lear
learn, lears, leary, leas, lease
leash, least, leave, leavy, leben
lech, led, ledge, ledgy, lee
leech, leek, leeks, leer, leers
leery, lees, leet, leets, left
lefts, lefty, leg, legal, leger
leges, leggy, legit, legs, lehr
lehrs, lehua, lei, leis, lek
leks, leman, lemma, lemon, lemur
lend, lends, lenes, lenis, leno
lenos, lens, lense, lent, lento
leone, leper, lepta, less, lest
let, letch, lethe, lets, letup
leu, leud, leuds, lev, leva
levee, level, lever, levin, levo
levy, lewd, lewis, lex, ley
leys, li, liana, liane, liang
liar, liard, liars, lib, libel
liber, libra, libri, libs, lice
lichi, licht, licit, lick, licks
lid, lidar, lido, lidos, lids
lie, lied, lief, liege, lien
liens, lier, liers, lies, lieu
lieus, lieve, life, lifer, lift
lifts, ligan, light, like, liked
liken, liker, likes, lilac, lilt
lilts, lilty, lily, lima, liman
limas, limb, limba, limbi, limbo
limbs, limby, lime, limed, limen
limes, limey, limit, limn, limns
limo, limos, limp, limps, limy
lin, linac, lindy, line, lined
linen, liner, lines, liney, ling
linga, lingo, lings, lingy, linin
link, links, linky, linn, linns
lino, linos, lins, lint, lints
linty, linum, liny, lion, lions
lip, lipid, lipin, lippy, lips
lira, liras, lire, lirot, lis
lisle, lisp, lisps, list, lists
lit, litai, litas, liter, lithe
litho, litre, lits, litu, live
lived, liven, liver, lives, livid
livre, llama, llano, lo, loach
load, loads, loaf, loafs, loam
loams, loamy, loan, loans, loath
lob, lobar, lobby, lobe, lobed
lobes, lobo, lobos, lobs, loca
local, loch, lochs, loci, lock
locks, loco, locos, locum, locus
lode, loden, lodes, lodge, loess
loft, lofts, lofty, log, logan
loge, loges, loggy, logia, logic
logo, logoi, logos, logs, logy
loin, loins, loll, lolls, lolly
lone, loner, long, longe, longs
loo, looby, looed, looey, loof
loofa, loofs, looie, look, looks
loom, looms, loon, loons, loony
loop, loops, loopy, loos, loose
loot, loots, lop, lope, loped
loper, lopes, loppy, lops, loral
lord, lords, lordy, lore, lores
loris, lorn, lorry, lory, lose
losel, loser, loses, loss, lossy
lost, lot, lota, lotah, lotas
loth, lotic, lotos, lots, lotto
lotus, loud, lough, louie, louis
loup, loupe, loups, lour, lours
loury, louse, lousy, lout, louts
love, loved, lover, loves, low
lowe, lowed, lower, lowes, lowly
lown, lows, lowse, lox, loxed
loxes, loyal, luau, luaus, lube
lubes, luce, luces, lucid, luck
lucks, lucky, lucre, lues, luff
luffa, luffs, lug, luge, luges
lugs, lull, lulls, lulu, lulus
lum, lumen, lump, lumps, lumpy
lums, luna, lunar, lunas, lunch
lune, lunes, lunet, lung, lunge
lungi, lungs, lunk, lunks, lunt
lunts, luny, lupin, lupus, lurch
lure, lured, lurer, lures, lurid
lurk, lurks, lush, lust, lusts
lusty, lusus, lute, lutea, luted
lutes, lux, luxe, luxes, lyard
lyart, lyase, lycea, lycee, lye
lyes, lying, lymph, lynch, lynx
lyre, lyres, lyric, lyse, lysed
lyses, lysin, lysis, lyssa, lytic