Short words that start with O

Short words (5 or fewer letters) that start with O are shown in the list below.

oaf, oafs, oak, oaken, oaks
oakum, oar, oared, oars, oases
oasis, oast, oasts, oat, oaten
oater, oath, oaths, oats, oaves
obe, obeah, obeli, obes, obese
obey, obeys, obi, obia, obias
obis, obit, obits, oboe, oboes
obol, obole, oboli, obols, oca
ocas, occur, ocean, ocher, ochre
ochry, ocrea, octad, octal, octet
octyl, od, odd, odder, oddly
odds, ode, odea, odeon, odes
odeum, odic, odium, odor, odors
odour, ods, odyl, odyle, odyls
oe, oes, of, ofay, ofays
off, offal, offed, offer, offs
oft, often, ofter, ogam, ogams
ogee, ogees, ogham, ogive, ogle
ogled, ogler, ogles, ogre, ogres
oh, ohed, ohia, ohias, ohing
ohm, ohmic, ohms, oho, ohs
oidia, oil, oiled, oiler, oils
oily, oink, oinks, oka, okapi
okas, okay, okays, oke, okeh
okehs, okes, okra, okras, old
olden, older, oldie, olds, ole
olea, oleic, olein, oleo, oleos
oles, oleum, olio, olios, olive
olla, ollas, ology, om, omasa
omber, ombre, omega, omen, omens
omer, omers, omit, omits, oms
on, once, onces, one, onery
ones, onion, onium, only, ons
onset, ontic, onto, onus, onyx
ooh, oohed, oohs, oomph, oops
oorie, oot, ootid, oots, ooze
oozed, oozes, oozy, op, opah
opahs, opal, opals, ope, oped
open, opens, opera, opes, opine
oping, opium, ops, opsin, opt
opted, optic, opts, opus, or
ora, orach, oral, orals, orate
orb, orbed, orbit, orbs, orc
orca, orcas, orcin, orcs, order
ordo, ordos, ore, oread, ores
organ, orgic, orgy, oribi, oriel
orle, orles, orlop, ormer, ornis
orpin, orra, orris, ors, ort
ortho, orts, oryx, os, osar
ose, oses, osier, osmic, osmol
ossa, ossia, ostia, other, otic
ottar, otter, otto, ottos, ouch
oud, ouds, ought, ounce, ouph
ouphe, ouphs, our, ourie, ours
ousel, oust, ousts, out, outby
outdo, outed, outer, outgo, outre
outs, ouzel, ouzo, ouzos, ova
oval, ovals, ovary, ovate, oven
ovens, over, overs, overt, ovine
ovoid, ovoli, ovolo, ovule, ovum
ow, owe, owed, owes, owing
owl, owlet, owls, own, owned
owner, owns, owse, owsen, ox
oxbow, oxen, oxes, oxeye, oxid
oxide, oxids, oxim, oxime, oxims
oxlip, oxter, oxy, oy, oyer
oyers, oyes, oyez, ozone,