Short words that start with F

Short words (5 or fewer letters) that start with F are shown in the list below.

fa, fable, face, faced, facer
faces, facet, facia, fact, facts
fad, faddy, fade, faded, fader
fades, fadge, fado, fados, fads
faena, faery, fag, fagin, fagot
fags, fail, fails, fain, faint
fair, fairs, fairy, faith, fake
faked, faker, fakes, fakir, fall
falls, false, fame, famed, fames
fan, fancy, fane, fanes, fang
fanga, fangs, fanny, fano, fanon
fanos, fans, fanum, faqir, far
farad, farce, farci, farcy, fard
fards, fare, fared, farer, fares
farl, farle, farls, farm, farms
faro, faros, fart, farts, fas
fash, fast, fasts, fat, fatal
fate, fated, fates, fatly, fats
fatso, fatty, faugh, fauld, fault
faun, fauna, fauns, fauve, favor
favus, fawn, fawns, fawny, fax
faxed, faxes, fay, fayed, fays
faze, fazed, fazes, feal, fear
fears, fease, feast, feat, feats
feaze, fecal, feces, feck, fecks
fed, feds, fee, feed, feeds
feel, feels, fees, feet, feeze
feign, feint, feist, felid, fell
fella, fells, felly, felon, felt
felts, feme, femes, femme, femur
fen, fence, fend, fends, fenny
fens, feod, feods, feoff, fer
feral, fere, feres, feria, ferly
fermi, fern, ferns, ferny, ferry
fess, fesse, fet, feta, fetal
fetas, fetch, fete, feted, fetes
fetid, fetor, fets, fetus, feu
feuar, feud, feuds, feued, feus
fever, few, fewer, fey, feyer
fez, fezes, fiar, fiars, fiat
fiats, fib, fiber, fibre, fibs
fice, fices, fiche, fichu, ficin
fico, fid, fidge, fido, fidos
fids, fie, fief, fiefs, field
fiend, fiery, fife, fifed, fifer
fifes, fifth, fifty, fig, fight
figs, fil, fila, filar, filch
file, filed, filer, files, filet
fill, fille, fills, filly, film
films, filmy, fils, filth, filum
fin, final, finch, find, finds
fine, fined, finer, fines, finis
fink, finks, finky, finny, fins
fiord, fique, fir, fire, fired
firer, fires, firm, firms, firn
firns, firry, firs, first, firth
fisc, fiscs, fish, fishy, fist
fists, fisty, fit, fitch, fitly
fits, five, fiver, fives, fix
fixed, fixer, fixes, fixt, fiz
fizz, fizzy, fjeld, fjord, flab
flabs, flack, flag, flags, flail
flair, flak, flake, flaky, flam
flame, flams, flamy, flan, flank
flans, flap, flaps, flare, flash
flask, flat, flats, flaw, flaws
flawy, flax, flaxy, flay, flays
flea, fleam, fleas, fleck, fled
flee, fleer, flees, fleet, flesh
flew, flews, flex, fley, fleys
flic, flick, flics, flied, flier
flies, fling, flint, flip, flips
flirt, flit, flite, flits, float
floc, flock, flocs, floe, floes
flog, flogs, flong, flood, floor
flop, flops, flora, floss, flota
flour, flout, flow, flown, flows
flu, flub, flubs, flue, flued
flues, fluff, fluid, fluke, fluky
flume, flump, flung, flunk, fluor
flus, flush, flute, fluty, flux
fluyt, fly, flyby, flyer, flyte
foal, foals, foam, foams, foamy
fob, fobs, focal, foci, focus
foe, foehn, foes, fog, fogey
foggy, fogie, fogs, fogy, foh
fohn, fohns, foil, foils, foin
foins, foist, fold, folds, folia
folic, folio, folk, folks, folly
fon, fond, fonds, fondu, fons
font, fonts, food, foods, fool
fools, foot, foots, footy, fop
fops, for, fora, foram, foray
forb, forbs, forby, force, ford
fordo, fords, fore, fores, forge
forgo, fork, forks, forky, form
forme, forms, fort, forte, forth
forts, forty, forum, foss, fossa
fosse, fou, foul, fouls, found
fount, four, fours, fovea, fowl
fowls, fox, foxed, foxes, foxy
foy, foyer, foys, fozy, frae
frag, frags, frail, frame, franc
frank, frap, fraps, frat, frats
fraud, fray, frays, freak, free
freed, freer, frees, fremd, frena
frere, fresh, fret, frets, friar
fried, frier, fries, frig, frigs
frill, frise, frisk, frit, frith
frits, fritt, friz, frizz, fro
frock, froe, froes, frog, frogs
from, frond, frons, front, frore
frosh, frost, froth, frow, frown
frows, froze, frug, frugs, fruit
frump, fry, fryer, fub, fubs
fubsy, fuci, fuck, fucks, fucus
fud, fudge, fuds, fuel, fuels
fug, fugal, fuggy, fugio, fugle
fugs, fugue, fuji, fujis, full
fulls, fully, fume, fumed, fumer
fumes, fumet, fumy, fun, fund
fundi, funds, fungi, fungo, funk
funks, funky, funny, funs, fur
furan, furl, furls, furor, furry
furs, fury, furze, furzy, fuse
fused, fusee, fusel, fuses, fusil
fuss, fussy, fusty, fuze, fuzed
fuzee, fuzes, fuzil, fuzz, fuzzy
fyce, fyces, fyke, fykes, fytte